problem solvers; perfect solutions

The design phase is the creative process of resolving how your new home fits on the property, fits your lifestyle, fits the character of the surroundings and fits within the local ordinances. We are problem solvers crafting the perfect solution.  We begin the design process with discovery.  This is where we identify challenges, dreams, needs and objectives. The actual design process is best described as the melding of conceptual ideas and reality.  It is here at the design phase that we collaborate on what to build.


Construction Documents

instruction book

Once the design is completed, the focus is shifted to the construction documents.  These construction documents are our technical drawings.  They are the instruction manual written for contractors on how to build the design.  Created and written in a language for the construction tradesmen. They are instructing the contractor how to build your home to withstand the tests of time. It is here at the construction document phase that we create the instruction manual on how to build it.


Construction Administration

design and construction integrity

Once we have completed the design phase (what to build) and the construction documents (how to build it,) we are now faced with the actual construction process.