Upon approval of the design drawings, our firm now produces construction documents. These construction documents are our technical drawings, instructing the contractor how to build your home to withstand the tests of time.


Our construction drawings are best described as an instruction book. This book is written in a language for the construction tradesmen, instructing the contractor on how to bring your home to reality.  We dimension the floor plans and detail the key building elements of your home.  All homes are sent to our structural engineer for analysis of the foundation, framing system and other structural elements. When completed, the construction documents convey how your home is to be constructed to achieve the design and maintain longevity.

The Construction Drawings Include:


  • A detailed site plan
  • A foundation plan
  • Floor plans
  • A roof plan
  • Exterior elevations
  • Building sections
  • Detailed wall sections
  • Structural specifications
  • Material specifications
  • Diagrammatic electrical plans
  • And, if required, documentation for local approvals