Approach - Design

problem solvers; perfect solutions.

The design phase is the creative process of resolving how your new home fits on the property, fits your lifestyle, fits the character of the surroundings and fits within the local ordinances. We are problem solvers crafting the perfect solution.  We begin the design process with discovery.  This is where we identify challenges, dreams, needs and objectives. The actual design process is best described as the melding of conceptual ideas and reality.  It is here at the design phase that we collaborate on what to build.


Discovery:  To understand our clients and their property. 

Every project begins with Discovery.  We believe it is imperative to understand you, our clients, how you live and how you will use your home.  We will also investigate your property.  To understand the property attributes restrictions and challenges.   


Zoning:  What legally can and cannot be done on your property. 

Zoning limitations can be a major part of the site discovery.  This is where we find the building envelope for your home and the requirements for design.


Conceptual:  Big picture of where rooms should be positioned on the site.   

Once we have a firm grasp of our clients and their property, we begin laying out the design on the property.  The conceptual design is the first step in solving the problems through design.  Where are the public and private spaces, where are the primary views, where is the natural light coming from, how do we access the lake in order to meet the desires of our clients. 


Planning:  Develop a site and first floor plan that melds the challenges of the site with the desires of the clients. 

To solve the problems, exploit the attributes and minimize any detriments of the property. 

To tailor a first floor and site plan around the hopes, dreams and lifestyles of our clients. 


Exteriors:  The hierarchy of space, proportions and visual impact.

Determine how the roof forms fit over the plans and develop the overall look of the building.  Once the front elevation is approved the remaining elevations will be developed.  We provide 3D model for all homes.  This is a powerful communication too and allows us to rotate around your house in real time before it is built.


Design set:  The final review of the design.

The final design drawings will include the site plan, floor plans and exterior elevations.  This book is for the client to approve and to have for reference during construction.