Case Studies

Transformation: The Hollow

unique architecture delivers old world charm


Our clients came to us with a dream of a new “Cotswold Tudor” style home, firmly nestled on the southern exposed hillside overlooking “the narrows” of Lake Geneva.   We quickly realized the private drive needed to be relocated for legal reasons.  Unfortunately, Its new route went right past a 2 ½ story, six car, contemporary garage.  With the romantic approach to the new house in jeopardy, thoughts of a remodel were imminent.


Local ordinances pertaining to “existing non conforming structures” disallowed the building to get any larger.  We were also limited to “no structural modifications.”  In short, the footprint needed to shrink, the roof and dormers needed to remain, and only the face brick and overhangs could be manipulated. 

Can you transform a stark building to blend with its natural surrounding? 

Should we hide it, or highlight it? 


Fortunately, we could remove the old brick and maintain the structural integrity.  The roof structure was stout enough to remove the overhangs and sustain new overhangs.  The natural roll of the land could be reestablished and hide the lower level walkout. 

Solving problems and exploiting opportunities through Architecture.


Simply put, “The Hollow” is a unique approach to transforming challenges into dreams. Gracefully tucked into the hillside, it has become a timeless accent for the newly designed Tudor Manor home. 

A rolled cedar roof (reminiscent of a Tudor thatch roof) was meticulously detailed and masterfully executed.  Authentic stucco with natural stone was masterfully intermixed with hand-hewn timber to give it the timeless appeal.  Subcontractors possessing old world skills were hand-picked to insure the design integrity was not lost. It was a golden opportunity for them to practice their craft. Old Tiffany glass recycled (from the original house) was fashioned to the front door. The result, a transformation from stark garage to quaint “au pair” cottage.